Passion Projects


tom of finland photohunt
Tom of Finland PhotoHunt is a reimagining of the popular bar and parlor game using the images of the famous gay erotic artist Tom of Finland. The game includes close to 200 images and offers scoring, hints, and all other traditional game play.
instagram printer
Imagined as how my grandmother might view Instagram, Instagram Printer is a fully functional Instagram viewer that mimics printing in dot-matrix black and white, dot-matrix color, and photo development. And just like a printer, the ink fades, requiring the user to shake the printer.
Beyowulf is a modern retelling of the old-english epic starring Beyoncé as Beowulf and Adele as the monstrous hell bride Grendel.
front page tv
Front Page TV is a tvOS app that allows you to view the day's newspaper front pages from around the world.

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