Cards Viewer for Instagram


Cards Viewer for Instagram is a third-party Instagram viewer that allows you to quickly view your Instagram feed, view posts recently taken around you, and easily search for posts taken around a certain location and search for photos tagged at a specific place. Its elegant and easy to use interface gives a new look to the popular social media network. Swipe left and right to turn cards over and view information about the images you see.

Cards Viewer makes your Instagram feed look beautiful. The interface allows you to preview images that do not interest you and view in full size only those that do. Simply tap images to enlarge them. On iPad, pinch to enlarge and shrink full-sized images. Tap on usernames, hashtags, and locations to view images in their feed. Double tap the navigation bar to return to the previous feed.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of Cards Viewer for Instagram is the extended search functionality. With Cards Viewer not only can you search for hashtags and users, but you can also look for photos posted around a certain location (e.g. your current location, "The White House", "New York City", etc.). Also, you can search for images tagged to a specific location (e.g. the Starbucks on Lafayette and 8th Street).

By tapping blue info buttons, you can view on a map where images were posted—provided the user gives Instagram location data. This can be done both from a feed and from a search. By tapping on pins, you can see who posted the image and how recently. From there you can see the image in full size as well as other pertinent information by tapping the blue info button on the call out.

Cards Viewer works just as you would expect. Double tap images to like them. Cards Viewer will dog ear the photos you like. Press and hold on usernames or profile pictures to follow new accounts.


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