Graph Theory Pad


Graph Theory Pad is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you organize and work on Graph Theory problems. Think of Graph Theory Pad as your scratch pad for working out exercises and taking notes.

Lines and vertices can be drawn in a variety of colors. Text can be added to annotate graphs, for example labeling nodes and edges. Also, graphs are saved, so you can access and change them repeatedly.

You can even add loops and curves to graphs. Loops are added by double, triple, and quadruple tapping on nodes. Curves are added by simultaneously placing three fingers on the graph—two on nodes and one as a control point—then removing the control point.

Graph Theory Pad has been updated to include a built in calculator complete with important counting and probabilistic functions. This allows users to do quick calculations without leaving the app, including ones that are not found on a standard calculator.

Also in the update is the ability to see a quick set of stats about a graph. This view will even display the number of spanning trees for simple connected graphs with less than 10 vertices. Graph Theory Pad also shows you a Kirchhoff Matrix for all graphs.

Finally, you can now easily share the graphs you create in Graph Theory Pad as a pdf. Write exercises on Graph Theory Pad, then easily email them to yourself or your professor or AirDrop™ them to your friends.


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